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Kraksa / The Crash

O.de.la theatre

  • Kraksa / fot. Maciej Rałowski
  • Kraksa / fot. Maciej Rałowski

KRAKSA / Teatr O.de.la / chor. Marta Bury / wyk.: Natalia Dinges, Joanna Jaworska – Maciaszek, Krystian Łysoń, Piotr Stanek / muzyka: Maciej Maciaszek / 60 min.


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The performance is striking with its dynamics. The fascination with own bodies seems to be the most important. Also the willingness to present and show them off. Not so much with beauty as with the possibilities of expansion and expression. Down to the bottom in strictly private terms. (…) The scene is full of emotions and resembles a geyser that threatens to explode. Which, however, does not happen, the actors always stop somewhere in a half-gesture and a half-movement. For literally a few seconds and at close, even dangerous distances, before the complete gesture and the final move. // Rzeszów Theater Journal / Andrzej Piątek

 “The Crash” of the O.de.la Theater, choreographed by Marta Bury, is also a story about the power of clashes, the power and the driving force of each sudden, strong meeting - meeting someone, something. This is the strength of “the Crash”. That moment of intrusion into our well-ordered state of a new element, capable of disturbing the current status quo, even for a moment. // Koire blog / Karina Mińkowska - Pado