Klub Żak


Orly Portal company

  • Fakarouni / fot. Elena Zapassky
  • Fakarouni / fot. Elena Zapassky
  • Fakarouni / fot. Elena Zapassky

FAKAROUNI / Orly Portal company / wyk. Orly Portal, Anderson Braz, Erez Zohar, Artour Astman / Izrael / 60 min.


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For the first time, Portal created a piece for three men: Artour Astman, Anderson Braz and Erez Zohar- veteran, experienced dancers who were members of major companies. The meeting between the language Portal has defined over the years and these bodies is no less than phenomenal. (…) The three dancers do fill in and interpret the choreography in ways that emphasize each of their unique virtuosity and expressivity- another aspect of the music that Portal adopts into the choreography, that classic Eastern music is based on personal virtuosity and improvisation of the singer and the musicians.  // Haaretz / Ran Brown