residence /premiere 2021

Olsztyński Dance Theatre / Club Żak GDF 2020 / Anna Maria Biniecka

Basic information about the project:
The aim is to support and promote contemporary dance / contemporary ballet. The competition is addressed to dancers from Poland and participants of the SOLO DANCE CONTEST organized by Club Żak as part of the Gdańsk Dance Festival. Selected projects will be produced at the ŻAK Club in the period from July to August 2021. The dancers will receive funds for the production of the submitted performance: PLN 6,000 for a duo, from PLN 10,000 to 20,000 for a multi-cast performance, technical assistance during 2 days of general rehearsals (acoustics and lighting technician), pre-premiere promotion, the possibility of using the rehearsal space and for two weeks they will be ing under the supervision of a mentor - a respected dancer and choreographer: Palle Granhoj from Denmark and Matteo Bittante from Italy. The residencies will end with premiere.

We are waiting for applications until April 30, 2021

All information and application form: