Gdansk Dance Festival - autumn

Joanna Woźna fot. Jan Rusek

20.11.2021 /19.00 / Klub Żak
MIRRORING / Magdalena Kowala, Anna Zglenicka

21.11.2021 / 19.00 / Klub Żak
MIRROR / Éva Duda Dance Co

The autumn edition of the Gdańsk Dance Festival will consist of two evenings. On Saturday, we invite you to a meeting with the latest productions of Tri-City dancers: "My Hopelessness" by Joanna Woźna and "Mirroring", created as part of the residency in cooperation with mentors Ulriqa Fernqvist and Peter Svenzon - founders of the Swedish Art Of Spectra. On Sunday, we will present a performance by Éva Duda from Hungary, who was a guest at the Klub Żak as a coach of the residence in 2019. We will see the "Mirror", which is a summary of ten years of the artist's work.