Apply for a dance residency!

Jessica Beardsell, fot. Jan Rusek

Klub ZAK in Gdansk announces:

"Solo Dance Residency 2024" competition for a performance project in the field of broadly defined contemporary dance.

The purpose of the competition is to support and promote contemporary dance (contemporary dance / contemporary ballet). We invite to participate in the competition dancers from Poland and those who presented their performances at the Solo Dance Contest organized as part of the Gdansk Dance Festival in 2016 – 2023.

The selected two projects will be realized at Klub ZAK from 22 to 28 April, 2024.The dancers will receive funds for the realization of the submitted solo: PLN 5,000, technical assistance during general rehearsals (an acoustician and lighting designer), a pre-performance promotion, the opportunity to use the rehearsal space, and will work for a week under the guidance of a mentor - esteemed dancer and choreographer Maciej Kuźmiński. The residencies will conclude with premiere shows on 28.04.2024 at Klub Zak.

You can find the application form, rules and regulations and all the necessary information in the 'contests' tab, and further 'residency/premiere'!

We encourage you to apply!

Application should be sent by February 29, 2024 at 4 pm.